July 29, 2021

Enjoy Award-Winning Barbecue at Chaps Pit Beef, Not Far From Your Belcamp Apartment

Kansas has tomato and molasses, while Texas keeps it dry. But for Baltimore-style barbecue, it’s got to be Chaps Pit Beef. This nationally recognized, award-winning restaurant does it the way Northerners like it, with premium beef cooked low and slow over a smoky pit for superior flavor and exceptionally tender meat.

Try it shaved paper thin in the famous pit beef sandwich, or piled alongside corned beef, sausage, and roasted turkey for a carnivore’s delight of meaty goodness. And for cook outs and parties this summer, let Chaps Pit Beef do the hard work of preparing the food. Their sandwich kits and catering specials keep you away from the hot grill and eating well with all your guests.

Find the nearest location of Chaps Pit Beef in the shopping plaza on the Aberdeen Thruway, just about 2 miles away from Yards at Fieldside Village. If you close your eyes, you can probably smell the barbecue from your Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland apartment!

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