June 29, 2021

Nature Is Calling at Forest Greens Lake Preserve

Calling all nature lovers! Forest Greens Lake Preserve is a park you’ll want to explore ASAP. Visit with friends or family and get lost in the beauty of nature as you take in the pretty scenery and wildlife that exists not far from your Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland apartment. It makes for a great place to walk your dog, hike with friends, or have a picnic with family by the lake. There are plenty of things to do and see when you visit Forest Greens, which is why you should head over sooner rather than later! 

What are you waiting for? Get some fresh air this weekend! Nature is beckoning you to spend a day out in the beautiful outdoors and take a break from your busy life. 
Have yourself a relaxing time out in the woods, with sunshine and breathtaking views all around. You won’t regret it one bit and will want to visit more than once. Escape the stuffy indoors and head over to Forest Greens today! 

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