January 11, 2021

Supermercado Campos Serves Authentic Mexican Fare Near Your Aberdeen Apartment

When you’re craving something spicy, there’s nothing wrong with a fast food taco or a quesadilla thrown together on your stovetop. But when you truly want to enjoy Mexican food, you want the most authentic, delicious option you can find. For that genuine Mexican cuisine near your Edgewood Maryland apartment, you’ll find the tasty options you’re craving at Supermercado Campos.

Start your meal off right with chips and guacamole or salsa or fried plantains, then move on to your favorite main dish. Tacos? Pupusas? Carne asada? You’ll find every classic Mexican dish imaginable, be it stuffed inside a tortilla, topping a fresh salad, or crafted into a breakfast of eggs, refried beans, and queso fresco. Top it all off with aquas frescas or your drink of choice for an authentic, fiesta-worhty feast.

When you’re craving your favorite Mexican food, you can settle for something quick and easy, like a discount drive-thru burrito or some seasoned ground beef from your own kitchen. But for something delicious and quintessentially Mexican to satisfy your tastebuds’ urge, nothing could be better than a meal crafted at Supermercado Campos in Aberdeen.

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