July 3, 2020

Forest Greens Lake Preserve: Reconnect With Nature Near Your Aberdeen Apartment

Harford County boasts a friendly community feel with small-town events and attractions unlike the rest of Maryland. One such place that is unique to Harford County is the Forest Greens Lake Preserve—and it’s just moments from apartment near Bel Air MD!

The 125-acre plot has been a protected area since 1991 and is home to wetlands and woodlands filled with a mix of wildlife and foliage exclusive to the area. You can spot deer, beavers, and reptiles near the water, or an impressive variety of birds flying overhead, including bald eagles, hummingbirds, and woodcocks. The lake grows a variety of wild celery, rice, and duck weed, which is why so many animals flock to the area.

In order to best access Forest Greens Lake Preserve, Harford County has permanently closed off Gulf Drive on the Southern stretch of the lake for bikers, hikers, and pedestrians to enjoy. From there, you have a beautiful view of the water, and all the creatures that call Forest Greens Lake Preserve home. Put it on the list of places to visit this summer, and bring your binoculars for some premium wildlife watching.

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