May 15, 2020

Kitchen Bare in Your Aberdeen Apartment? Restock at Lidl!

Over the past decade, Lidl, the discount German supermarket chain, has generated a loyal following among budget-conscious shoppers in America’s mid-Atlantic region, and its new Aberdeen location extends the company’s presence in Maryland.

If you’re not familiar with Lidl, the store’s goal is to keep prices low by reducing extraneous overhead expenses (on bags, promotional displays, redundant product offerings, etc.), by offering low-cost versions of most items through its house brand, and by maintaining a relentless commitment to efficiency. This means that you won’t find dozens of varieties of pasta sauce or root beer on the shelves here, but regular customers say that the house brands are high quality, Lidl’s bakery is second to none, and the bargains you’ll find on meat and cheese alone are worth the trip.

Check out the website for a list of weekly specials, as well as seasonal recipes and new product announcements.

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