June 12, 2019

Have Some Active Fun at Robinhood Paintball

When you’re looking for a fresh way to have some fun outdoors, Robinhood Paintball offers lots of options. The paintball facility spans an impressive 10 acres in Havre de Grace, which encompasses 10 different playing fields — and not all of them are strictly for traditional paintball.

Robinhood Paintball offers low-impact paintball and airsoft in addition to the classic sport. While eight of the fields host both paintball and airsoft players, the other two are reserved specifically for airsoft players. The paintball field also hosts special competitive events that pit one team against another in different creative scenarios. Pick your sport and suit up in protective gear at Robinhood Paintball before you embark on your game. If you have a special event coming up, look into holding it at the field.

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