December 20, 2018

Skydive Baltimore: Check Something Off Your Bucket List This Spring

Skydive Baltimore is nestled under the umbrella of a company that’s been in the business of skydiving since the mid-70s. Needless to say, its experts have plenty of experience. Together, they’ve facilitated more than a million jumps and taught the art of skydiving to more than 14,000 first-timers.

If you’ve thought about taking the plunge for years, let one of the skydiving gurus at Skydive Baltimore teach you the ropes. The instructors give you all the necessary safety info on the ground, and explain the process in detail. Then you slip into your safety gear and climb aboard the plane, which soars toward the clouds until you’re ready for your tandem skydiving experience. As you freefall, take time to soak up your surroundings and enjoy the panoramic views, which stretch from Washington, DC to Philadelphia.

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