November 8, 2018

Sweat It Out With Hot Yoga Classes at Studio 723

Before Studio 723 hosted yoga classes, it had a very different purpose: the space was originally built as an ice house more than 100 years ago. So it’s particularly ironic that, today, Studio 723 is a place where people come to warm up their muscles at yoga classes—some of the classes are even held in heated rooms.

Come to a hot yoga class to get extra toasty during your workout. The room is heated to somewhere between 87 and 104 degrees, which allows your muscles to become nice and malleable for the duration of your practice. This not only makes it easier to slide into poses, it could also help to prevent injury. Does hot yoga sound a little too intense? Try gentle yoga in an unheated room. This slower-flowing form of yoga will help to stretch out your aching body and soothe any racing thoughts. Vinyasa yoga, stand-up paddleboard yoga, and floating barge yoga are a few of the other unique offerings at Studio 723, which vary throughout the year.

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