September 10, 2018

Take to the Skies With Light Flight Hot Air Balloons & Barnstormer Aero

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to float gently up into the sky in the basket of a hot air balloon? Thought about the thrill of surveying the earth from a birds-eye perspective as you soar in an open cockpit plane? Both experiences are within your reach thanks to the Light Flight Hot Air Balloons & Barnstormer Aero, a company that specializes in getting guests up in the air.

Its seasoned pilots steer hot air balloons and open-cockpit biplanes into the skies above Churchville. The signature Champagne Charter Flight allows you to experience about an hour of free-floating in the hot air balloon, followed by a champagne toast when you return to the earth. If you’re interested in heading a little higher into the skies, opt for a ride in an open-cockpit biplane. Not only will you feel the wind in your hair, you’ll actually get to drive for a small portion of the flight—both the front and backseat have a set of controls.

plane thumbnail image 

Public Domain/Pixabay/elisa_emiliani
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