August 21, 2018

Achieve Well-Rounded Wellness at True Cycling Studio

The wellness experts at True Cycling Studio know that a well-rounded routine includes more than just cardio. Although the gym focuses on spin classes, its instructors also offer sessions that focus on strength-training and the mind-body connection to ensure that each of their pupils is truly healthy and happy all-around.

Start with a ride in the Cycling Theater to get the heart rate up. Your intro ride is just $10 and 30 minutes long, and you’ll learn the basics of the bike and the various positions that form the foundation of spin class. Then work your way up to a True Ride. This 45-minute sweat session enlists video and audio to encompass you in an experience that’s motivating and feels more like riding outside. Want to unwind and build strength? Head to the Functional Zone, a separate gym where you can work on your yoga moves or try TRX suspension training.

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