March 6, 2018

Try an Aerial Class at Yoga Centric

Yoga Centric offers heated, non-heated, and aerial yoga classes, so you’ll never get bored of practicing at this Bel Air studio. As soon as you’ve mastered the movements of an unheated class, you can add an extra challenge at a heated session. Then, once your muscles adjust to the extreme heat, throw them for a loop at an aerial yoga class. The dynamic schedule means that you never stop growing in skills and strength.

If you’re totally new to yoga, begin your journey at one of the non-heated classes, like restorative yoga. Your instructor will help you master five or six static poses that are designed to help you relax and de-stress. If you’re looking for a challenge, come to a Novice and All-Level Aerial Yoga class. Fabric hammocks hanging from the ceiling provide support as you flow through a traditional yoga routine in mid-air.

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