March 14, 2018

Enjoy Some Friendly Competition at Robinhood Paintball

You’ll have plenty of space to spread out and enjoy some active fun at Robinhood Paintball. The outdoor paintball arena sprawls across 10 acres and boasts eight separate fields. Six of the fields cater to both traditional and low-impact paintball, as well as airsoft, while the final two remain pristine by inviting airsoft play only.

Pick your style of competition and then claim a field at Robinhood Paintball. Spend a few hours darting behind large cement barriers and crawling through getaway tunnels as you pelt your opponents with paint or plastic pellets. Referees oversee each game, so don’t worry about safety or fairness—they’ll do that for you and step in if necessary. You can plan a private party at Robinhood Paintball or join new friends on the field Saturdays or Sundays.

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