February 20, 2018

Step Back in Time at the Steppingstone Museum

The agricultural traditions of Maryland are alive and well at the Steppingstone Museum. The museum exists to showcase the history of farming in the state. It does so by operating a partially functional farm where you can visit live critters and by displaying artifacts that relate to local rural history.

Start at the apiary, where working honeybee hives buzz with activity. Plan your visit for a time when a beekeeper performs a demo, showing onlookers how to safely extra honey from the hives. Then check out the chicken coop, a comfortable home for the winged creatures as they lay eggs. The coop features new pieces of technology that make it more efficient, despite its old-timey design. Say hello to sheep and goats in the barnyard, check out the historical and handcrafted barn quilt, and head inside the house to explore exhibits dedicated to regional history.

Step Back in Time at the Steppingstone Museum thumbnail 

Public Domain/Pixabay/rhianjane
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