December 31, 2017

Box Hill Pizzeria: Ignore the Name, It’s All About the Crab Cakes

You’d probably expect a pizzeria to specialize in, well, pizza, but Box Hill Pizzeria isn’t your average Italian eatery. Despite the name, Box Hill Pizzeria is actually known for its “famous” crab cakes. In fact, these crab cakes are so popular that you can order them anywhere in the country and have them shipped right to your doorstep.

Lucky for you, since you live in Abingdon, the carefully crafted crab cakes are right around the corner. Dig into a plate of the crab cakes with French fries on the side or order a single cake perched atop a tossed salad. Box Hill Pizzeria does dish out hot and tasty pies, too, so you can always skip the crab cakes and order a pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage, or simply mushrooms and onions. The eatery also offers fresh pasta and other Italian specialties, hot and cold subs, and even gyro sandwiches.

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