April 24, 2017

Make Your Yoga Practice a Bit More Adventurous at BeachBee Yoga & SUP

Imagine this: there’s a breeze flowing through your hair, the sun is setting, and you’re balancing on a paddle board in the bay doing downward dog pose. Sound exciting? Then head over to the BeachBee Yoga & SUP to sign up for one of this fitness company’s many waterside fitness classes.

The paddle board classes are one of the biggest draws, of course, but if those are a little too edgy for you, don’t worry; you can also choose a workshop that simply uses the water as a peaceful backdrop to your practice. The outdoor schedule changes from month to month (as daylight hours and weather change), so be sure to look ahead on the calendar before you book. If keeping your yoga practice indoors is more your style, there are plenty of other choices, too. Head down to BeachBee’s Havre de Grace studio, where you can choose between a dozen different regularly scheduled classes, ranging from challenging hot vinyasa workouts to gentle candlelight flow sessions.

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