November 28, 2016

Try Traditional German Baked Goods at Goll’s Bakery

Who doesn’t love pastries, donuts, tarts and cream puffs? If you’re craving a traditional German bakery but are unsure where you should go, give Goll’s Bakery on North Washington a try. With a vast selection of desserts and years of baking experience, Goll’s Bakery can make what your sweet tooth desires.

A family owned operation since the 1930s, Goll’s Bakery stands as a staple in Havre De Grace as one of the best bakeries in the region. At Goll’s, you can get traditional freshly made pastries or have custom cakes and pies made by ordering them beforehand. With a large traditional confectionary oven at their disposal, Goll’s Bakery is a great place to go to pick up your favorite pastries and treats.

Goll’s bakes everything fresh in the morning, so visiting early on is usually your best bet. If you must place an order, be sure to do so early, especially during the holidays.

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