August 19, 2016

Take Relaxing Yoga Classes and Purchase Yoga Apparel at Peace Yoga

Scientists estimate that there are over 37 trillion cells in the human body. At Peace Yoga in Bel Air, certified yoga instructors train you to bring relaxation and stillness to those trillions of cells in order to strengthen your body as a singular whole.

Since first opening in 2011, Peace Yoga has expanded to offer a variety of different classes, ranging from beginners-only sessions in proper form and technique to specialized classes for athletes, expectant mothers, and advanced vinyasa practitioners. Head online to see the current schedule and choose the class that’s right for you (note that there’s even the option to schedule one-on-one private sessions, if you prefer).

When you arrive at Peace Yoga, enter through the back door, which opens up into a registration area that also houses a yoga boutique where you can purchase apparel and equipment recommended by the expert staff.

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