May 29, 2016

Craving Spicy Mexican Cuisine? Don’t Miss Lunch at La Tolteca

Aberdeen encompasses several notable Mexican restaurants, but La Tolteca’s authentic atmosphere and cuisine delivers a consistently enjoyable experience. Guests flock to La Tolteca every single day of the week to indulge in their unique, mouthwatering dishes. The cooks at this Maryland-based eatery constantly utilize fresh ingredients, which is very noticeable in dishes like their beef fajitas, tamales, steak chimichagas, and Tacos de Carnitas.
La Tolteca has a cozy and inviting atmosphere, and the entire dining area overflows with the zesty aroma of traditional Mexican food. The restaurant also prides itself in only employing a friendly staff, and since the menu can get a bit complicated, it is always great to have someone around who can help you out. Whether you’re craving an affordable Mexican lunch or a zesty, flavorful dinner, you’ll find both here.
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